Day 2 and 3

So now it’s 2nd Day of summer and I went back to Fsor.What I did Β is practice with my band and we Β learnt 2 songs.Can’t stop by red hot chilli peppers and uptown funk by mark ronson featuring Bruno Mars.really that is Day 2IMG_1777

Today is Day 3 and it is my penultimate Day Of Fsor.what I did for today was something called a mini gig.A mini-gig is when a band performs one song and the performances are posted on YouTube so if you want to see the performances go to the Fsor channel and see Fsor 79.If you want to see the band I was in ,check out bazinga and da blu whale.IMG_1776if you are wondering what that is,it’s my thumb after I used it all day as a plectrum because I forgot mine at home.if you don’t know what a plectrum is this is how it looks likeIMG_1832.JPGso that was Day 3


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