Week 2 , day 6 and 7

On day 6 my sister,my dad and I went to watch the emoji movie at the O2
My sister fake sleeping 😌in this picture

The Emoji movie was really funny πŸ˜‚, you need to go and watch it.After that Bethel and I went to our cousin’s house when dad wanted to go to Westfield in Stratford to go pick his glasses.Bethel wanted to stay her cousin while I wanted to go with dad.when he picked them up we went to get a table at a Caribbean shop called Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse. All the tables were full so while we waited Β we got pretzels at Mr pretzels.when we were done with our pretzels we went back to the restaurant and I ordered a wrap

Me eating

On Sunday we went to church in the morning for normal service and at 5o
clock we went for global communion service with Pastor Chris.

If you have a musical.ly comment your username so I can check you out and follow you

See you later


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