Week3 day 3 and 4

The American pre-football season has started and the Cleveland Browns look better than they have ever been I bet they are going to go 5-13 this season FYI I am not a Cleveland fan ,I am a Panthers fan.

Today I am going to talk about why Americans will never accept soccer

The first reason is that Americans always want to be the best.NFL players are 96% born American and it is pretty obvious that they the best at NFL, The American basketball team have won 36 championships and the World Series is two American teams.But Us soccer team have not won a single  trophyAmerica  thinks big.And so is the sports.On average there are about 21 points per team in the NFL which is about 6 or 7 touchdowns per game in the mlb there are about 9 home runs per game and there are about 99 points in a basketball game per team but in a soccer game there are only on average 3 goals per game. Even the players are getting bigger on average the mlb nba and nfl players are all over 6ft but soccer players are on average they are 5ft4inches

the last reason is that it’s chances of  marketing . For example in an nfl game there would be advertising  before kickoff, after kickoff, and of first quarter,s tart of second quarter, halftime, start of third quarter, end of third quarter,s tart of fourth quarter,e nd of game and timeouts.in soccer there is halftime , it isn’t enough for America.

Thank you for looking at this blog post. Bye guys


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