5 Places I will like to visit

these are places I would like to visit.this is part of my summer blog series and today is week 5 day 1.I ย have been dreaming ย of going to these places and these are my top 5

The first place is Disney Aulani in Hawaii.I would like to visit Disneyย Aulani because it is a very peaceful family friendly place ,it has a very cool water slide and the suites look very nice .I want to go there because it is a totally different experience and it is one the most exotic places in the world and it has that touch of Disney magic


the second place I would like to visit is the Nickelodeon resort ย in the dominican republic.I’d like to go there because the overall experience .they would give you slime to drink and the water park looks like a very adventurous facility where I’d like to go and after a fun-filled day there a concerts that remind ย the dominican culture


the third place is the Atlantis resort in the bahamas.it ha s a very adventurous vibe to it while it is still a very family friendly place .the water slide facility looks really fun and yet the exotic vibe of being in the Caribbean


the 4th place is Disney world and it pretty much speaks for yourself the rides ,the characters ,the dining ,the hotels and the look of children.it is a very popular tourist destination and because of that,it is one of the places that I want to go


the 5th and ย final destination is the AT’@T stadium.now you might be surprised that the home of the cowboys will be on my list but it is astonishing.the multi billionaire Jerry jones really did the job. it is a historic place.in arlington tx this is the richest sport franchise in the world owned by a billionaire jerry jones .his net worth stands at 4.2 billion

that is it for today

this week I won’t be writing ย thngs I am doing ,I will be focusing more on things like my goals, things I like doing and also stories of other people that I fell should be motivating .


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