Alex Jenkins, from ⚽️ football to football 🏈

this is the story of how a boy dreaming to play in the premier league ended up playing for the New Orlean saint’s.born in bath 15/1/93 .today is week 5 day 3

Alex Jenkins was dreaming of the premier league and now he is thinking of a super bowl.he used to work at Tesco and he grew up playing football.He accidentally found American football and he fell in love with the game.After that, he played for the Bristol American football team and he went for a football camp in America.when he came back to England he got scholarships from different colleges in America.he went on to play for his college university.after being able to be part of NFL undiscovered mini series he got drafted by the saints and he is going to play the Miami Dolphins in London.

It’s amazing that a boy growing up in Bath England dreaming of the premier league is now in the NFL dreaming of a super bowl.

so what I am telling you now is that you should try everything and once you have found your passion,stick to it and never let go I wish you all the best Alex


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