Positive peer pressure

My mum gave me a task to research what positive peer pressure is, the effects of it and since school is coming in a week, how I am going to influence my friends positively

positive peer pressure is when a social group (from your work partners to your buddies) are changing you into their positive behavior and attitude, and it changes the way you act overall.


When you are used to talking to the right people, and you also get to listen to the right things, it will help you to think differently..you will learn to walk a certain way, talk a certain way or even think a certain way.


I am going to help my friends by saying things like “you can do it” when they are finding something hard. Also, I am going to help my friends when they need help, if they are finding a certain subject or topic difficult, or they just don’t understand it so when they get used to me giving that positive vibe, it will motivate them because I believe in them,they hopefully carry that vibe through the whole classroom and it will help everyone to do well in class.


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