Week 6 day 6 and 7

Today’s blog is the last blog of summer 2017πŸ˜”, but I am a little excited about my last year of primary school .I am ready to be the one oldest kids of the school.

Year 5 and 6 are like secondary schools here in the UK we switch teacher every period, and we get in trouble if we forget anything, and I mean ANYTHING, a pencil, a ruler, or even a small collectible that you use as an accessories for your desk, if any of you are wondering what school I go to it is Invicta primary school in London .The window on the upper floor closest to the camera is where my classroom is, and every classroom has 2 Windows, I am excited about my new teacher because she s new to the school.

Just before I say bye I just want to tell you that if you have been noticing me missing days that is because I didn’t leave the house and I didn’ t do anything except watching NFL games on YouTube.


​ Thank you for tuning in on my summer adventure I hope you will still be reading my blogs during, my school year and thank you so much.


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