Queen Elizabeth I

This is my homework assignment so I thought I should share it with you

Queen Elizabeth was one of the most famous English queens to ever live. I am going to give you facts about her from every day things to surprising secrets,so let’s see who this queen really is.


When you think of a royal family ,what are the two words that comes to your mind.COMMENT below .but I think of Royal and family. Queen Elizabeth’s mother and father was King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn who was unfortunately … BEHEADED ,just because she didn’t have a boy. Elizabeth did have a cousin ,Mary Queen of Scotland, but because Queen Elizabeth thought that her throne would be in danger she beheaded her cousin.Queen Elizabeth is also known for not having a husband because if she did marry then she would have to give up the throne. But in other word it’s called …

You might be thinking “HYGIENE! Well think about it ,did they have toothpaste or electric brushes back then in 17th century? Well if you didn’t know ,they didn’.Queen Elizabeth did brush her teeth, but it was with sugar and if you didn’t know water was not drinkable at the time because it was practically a communal toilet so instead they drank wine all day so her teeth weren’t really healthy because she would’ve lost all of them by the time her reign was done. Queen Elizabeth also took a bath only about once a year because she thought it carried diseasesΒ 


Lord Dudley Β was who queen Elizabeth wanted to marry but he had a wife so Elizabeth wanted her to die so she could marry Lord Dudley .Philip the II of Spain actually sent a marriage proposal to Queen Elizabeth but she didn’t reply for a while and she declined but was actually thinking of other marriages.so when Philip got the reply he wasn’t happy so he got his Spanish Armada and invaded Britain but he did not succeed when he retreated back to Spain. Philip the II did marry four women but didn’t find his true love πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

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