My first 4 weeks of Year 6

Hi guys. I am sorry I have not been able to blog because I had an Internet problem,but it’s sorted now

It’s been great starting year 6 because of all the excitement being the oldest in the school.I was happy seeing my friends after 6 weeks because it started getting boring not being able to play catch with my American football because everyone else was scared of the ball . Things in year 6 are different compared with last year because the school is trying a new curriculum so everything is different . This year I have decide to go to all the after school sports clubs and it seems like I have taken a whole new routine because the only day I have to post a blog is on a Monday because that day there is no club eligible for me .inbetween these 4 weeks I took the 11 plus exam and it was a different experience from all the other tests I have taken in school, there were over 180 children in one hall so the intensity was extremely high.this month my mum is enrolling me to secondary school so I am excited to know where I am going.

So overall year 6 has been exciting so far and from what I have heard from the previous year 6 that it is going to get better…

See you guys on my next post .


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