I ย went to my FIRST EVER NFL GAME. It was the Arizona Cardinals vs the Los Angeles Rams. The game was hosted at Twickenham stadium which ย usually would be the venue for rugby games . Every other NFL game in London was held in Wembley but that one was the first a Twickenham

The score ended 33-0 to the Rams and even though the score may say otherwise the game was extremely exciting. I saw two future hall of famers,Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Peterson . The number one pick in the 2016 NFL draft jarred Goff and one of the best corner and safety duos , Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu. Another thing that made this game interesting is that Kurt Warner,who is a hall of farmer, used to play for the Rams and the cardinals ย so during this game I was constantly thinking who Kurt Warner was cheering on the Rams or the cardinals but I thought he would cheer on the Rams because he won a super bowl with them.

This was me cheering !


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